Bamboo Terraces

Natural bamboo terrace board is the most exclusive high-end patio material possible. We are the only importer and distributor of this terrace board. The bamboo terrace board is mostly used as the floor of the so-called cold conservatories, as a special rubber seal can be installed between the bamboo terrace boards, making the floor even more exclusive and the conservatory warmer, as the seal between the tables restricts air movement. When installed in conservatories, the natural bamboo board does not require annual oiling, but once a year oiling is recommended to ensure the long life and fresh appearance of the boards.

Useful facts about bamboo

  • Bamboo grows faster than any other plant in the world.
  • Bamboo produces 10–30% of biomass per year.
  • Tropical bamboo species grow by more than a metre in 24 hours.
  • The thickness of bamboo does not increase; grows completely from the ground.
  • Bamboo is used in the production of biodiesel.
  • Bamboo is also used in construction as a substitute for concrete.
  • Bamboo is considered an aid against soil erosion.

Reasons to use bamboo terrace boards:

  • heavier than hardwood;
  • long lifetime;
  • CO2 neutral;
  • exclusive appearance;
  • heat and natural shine;
  • heat-treated material ensures stability;
  • very low absorption and contraction capacity; there are no large articulations;
  • UV resistance and colour stability;
  • the material does not fade;
  • cigarette ash does not ruin the material;
  • nut + spring connection on the front side;
  • no screws visible on the board, as lateral groove is used for invisible fastening.


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