Cold Winter Garden

Winter Gardens are usually extensions built to the house with the walls and roof made of glass. The Winter garden makes our short summer longer. Estonians like light and warmth but we usually do not have enough of it in our climate. Winter Gardens by A-Profiil offer it all year round. The Winter Garden is an ideal place to spend time, especially during the colder period, with unlimited possibilities for use:

  • reading books;
  • growing plants;
  • grilling and organising get-togethers;
  • using it as the children’s playroom;
  • using it as a dining room;
  • relaxing and spending lovely time with your family;
  • accommodating guests;
  • using it as a spa lounge, etc.


All our conservatories are of high quality and durable and made as a custom order with the customer’s wishes in mind. The customer has the opportunity to choose:

  • the shape and dimensions of the conservatory;
  • Swedish or funk-style solution, i.e. a conservatory with or without a soffit;
  • the conservatory’s construction material – aluminium or glued laminated timber;
  • the aluminium frame colour from RAL tones;
  • colour of wood parts – freely selectable shade/varnish;
  • glass thickness and tone;
  • stationary or opening glass walls – door locking systems on request;
  • rainwater system;
  • foundation/terrace construction in accordance with the customer’s wishes – we also offer complete solutions;
  • lighting and heating solutions.


When ordering a conservatory, the first thing you should think about is what you want to do there – based on that, we can also recommend different sizes and solutions. Some customers only want to eat there, others also want to fit in a corner sofa, and some even want to play table tennis there. The activities that the conservatory offers and the ways to spend quality time there, regardless of the weather, are limitless. In addition to all the above, the conservatory also makes the house warmer, protecting its side from wind, rain, and cold, and adds both uniqueness and style to the house.