Frameless Sliding Glass System

Imagine a sliding door with an elegant design and panoramic view at the same time having hidden insulation! Is it possible?

Frameless & Panoramic

Elegant design

The SliderNext offers a maximum panoramic view with its frameless and elegant design. The all-glass panels can be moved very softly and with comfort. 

Hidden insulation

Stop noise, wind & water!

The SliderNext improves all types of insulation
such as noise and water. There are brushes and gaskets around the frame and inside the panels to maximize the insulation of air and noise.

Easy cleaning with SmartLock

Attach & detach, clean!

By using SmartLock, it is possible to attach and detach the lock easily so that the panels can slide smoothly over each other to provide easy cleaning from inside the balcony or a terrace!

Water drainage channel

A smart solution

The SliderNext provides the maximum water insulation among the all-glass sliding systems. Thanks to its specially designed smart drainage channel which is both located in the systems in all kinds of threshold versions.

11 profiles, 8 systems

Minimum stock, maximum system

In the SliderNext platform, you can make 8 different systems using only 11 profiles such as; with/without threshold versions combined with 8 or 10 mm glass as frameless or with an aluminum frame.

5 different lock options

Five different lock systems (including safety locks) are offered in the SliderNext sliding system. This stainless steel barrel lock and the knob is suitable for both wall-mounted and glass to glass (center) installations. Three lock systems are mounted in the frame so that all panels can slide smoothly over each other and do not contact each other.

Smooth closing option

It is possible for that the SliderNext sliding system to be closed smoothly with a special soft closure mechanism. This mechanism can be used for any panel the customer wishes for! A plastic stopper is placed in the panel to perform a smooth closure. The glass panels can be moved quietly and comfortably. 


Suitable for 8mm & 10mm Glass

8 mm or 10 mm glass can be used in the SliderNext. The choice of the glass thickness depends on the level of insulation or the characte- ristics of the application place.

Maximum Panoramic View

The SliderNext has a panoramic view due to its special design which has a width of up to 1500mm. The panels can be designed up to 3100mm in height, can be closed/opened comfortably.

Optional Threshold Heights

The SliderNext could be used on a standard or high threshold. In other words, the system can provide flexible solutions for restaurants, cafes, winter gardens, or balconies.

Hide Glass Measurement Errors

It is possible to do glass alignment up to 10 mm (20 mm in total) in SliderNext. The vertical frame profiles move telescopically into each other, thus any glass measurement errors can be eliminated easily.

Available up to 5 Track

The SliderNext gives you the possibility to have 2, 3, 4, or 5 track versions. Due to the application possibility of wide panels, the maximum size of covering can be reached. 

Fast & Easy Montage

Manufacture the SliderNext, the Next-generation sliding system with the help of all-in-one boxes in the fastest & easiest way. Every piece of the system will be ready in your hands!