Motorised height adjustable railings

Motorised height adjustable railings can be used as wind protection barriers at cafes and restaurants but also on home terraces and balconies. The system can be installed in open air – it is completely rain and snow proof.

The vertically adjustable glass railing is manufactured of two separate glass panes in aluminium frame. One glass pane is stationary and ensures the security and stiffness of the system, whereas the other is mobile, providing protection from wind and adding privacy. When ordering any railings, the customer can select:

  • the dimensions of the product (both width and height),
  • the design – with or without the frame or a solution with a window box,
  • the colour of the aluminium frame,
  • the thickness and tones of glass panes,
  • the mounting feet – for either concrete or wood,
  • the remote control – with 5 or 16 channels.

The movable glass pane of motorised glass railings is driven by high-quality Somfy 220 V electric motor which is energy efficient and has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The railing can be controlled via a remote control – you can choose between a 5 and 16 channel remote for adjusting each glass pane up or down or to the desired heigh or all glass panes simultaneously with just a touch of one button.

In regard to exterior design, we offer solutions with or without a frame and a window box for flowers can be added to both solutions for creating a cosier atmosphere.