Conservatories provide an excellent opportunity to prolong the summer to last throughout the year. Conservatories are usually extensions added to the building, the walls and roof of which are made of glass. Estonians love the light and warmth so scarce in our climate. The conservatories offered by A-Profiil, however, provide plenty of light and warmth.

A conservatory is also a perfect place for spending time when it is cold outside. The use of a conservatory is unlimited:

  • a small library,
  • a greenhouse for plants,
  • a grill area,
  • a playroom for children,
  • a dining room,
  • a rest area,
  • a guest room,
  • a sauna rest area, etc.

Before placing an order for a conservatory, one should figure out the purpose of it – based on this we can offer different solutions. Some customers only want a conservatory for dining, others want to fit a corner sofa in it and others intend to play table tennis in it. The activities that can be exercised in a conservatory and the ways to spend quality time in it regardless of the weather are unlimited. Additionally, a conservatory also helps to preserve heat in the main building by protecting a side of it from wind, rain and cold, adding character and style to it.

An uninsulated or a cold conservatory has many pros – it can be established on an existing terrace, the aluminium profiles are so-called cold, the structure consists of single glass tempered windows and the overall construction costs are lower than for insulated conservatories. The uninsulated conservatory can be used from spring to autumn and if the weather is warm, all the sides can be slid open. The approximate manufacturing period of uninsulated conservatories is 6 to 8 weeks. All our conservatories are of high quality, durable and custom-made to meet the specific requests of the customer. 

The customer can determine the following characteristics:

  • the size and dimensions of the conservatory,
  • the colour of the aluminium frame from among RAL colour codes,
  • the thickness, tone and properties of glass packets,
  • stationary or openable glass walls (doors, windows, roof windows),
  • the rainwater system,
  • the construction of foundation/terrace according to the customer’s wishes – we also offer complete solutions,
  • light and insulation solutions,
  • automatic door and window opening solutions.