We can build terraces anywhere and it does not require a building permit.

Under the terracesTerrace construction

We can build terraces anywhere according to the wishes and needs of the customer and it does not require a building permit. Similarly to residential buildings, the most important aspect of building a terrace is constructing a solid foundation. The appearance, stability and service life of the terrace largely depend on the foundation. All our terraces have a proper foundation, and you can easily, for instance, build a conservatory on them. Besides the location and dimensions, the customer can choose between many other details when building a terrace.

The price of a terrace is affected by the following:

  • foundation – post foundation, pile foundation, strip foundation, slab foundation,
  • base battens – the selection includes impregnated pine, WPC, aluminium and bamboo battens,
  • terrace boards – impregnated pine, thermal wood, hot oil treated boards, larch, WPC, bamboo, etc.,
  • board fastening method – with screws from top, with hidden screws from the side, with brackets,
  • for bamboo boards,  seals which can be mounted to the gaps between the boards are also available – these limit the movement of air and add exclusivity (if desired, these can be used inside conservatories).

Under the terraces, we use geotextile to prevent plant proliferation under the terrace and thus prolonging the service life of terraces.

All the terraces built by us are custom-made based on the specific requests of the customer. We also offer our customers complete solutions from the foundation to the roof, i.e., the construction of the terrace and the conservatory from one place to avoid misunderstandings and corrective works.

We offer a 2-year warranty for all the works performed by us.

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